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The colours to avoid and the ones to choose. Plus a few more tips to help you decide what to wear to your family photoshoot.


You’ve booked a relaxed family photography session and taken time out of your busy schedule to do the things you love with your family. But if your clothes are uncomfortable or not suited to your choice of outdoor location, you’re probably going to feel and look uncomfortable. Wear something you feel good in that allows you to be yourself.



The best family photos bring emphasis to the faces of the family and show genuine personality, natural expressions and how your family connects. Text is meant to be read and our eyes are drawn to it. So big logos on Dad’s t-shirt for example, can be distracting. If you’ve booked this photoshoot because you want framed pictures of your family, think about logos. Do you want them to take centre stage in your family’s photos that you will see it every time you walk into your living room?

Something else to consider are characters on your children’s clothes. They may really love Peppa Pig or Disney Princesses right now, but in a few years time that could become a source of embarrassment. This is a harder decision to make. On one hand those characters will bring memories flooding back to a particular moment in time. On the other hand, at some point in the future your son or daughter may want your treasured family photos removing from the walls so that they can invite their friends over.

If this sounds like your family I’d suggest bringing a few outfit choices for your children and I’ll plan a shoot that is for now and for the future.



It’s rare to see a family all wearing exactly the same clothes. You probably wouldn’t do it on a normal day so don’t feel you should at your photoshoot, especially when the aim of your family photo session is to capture who you really are. My advice is to start your outfits off with a base of neutral colours – white, cream, blue, grey or black for example and then add complimentary colours to them. Lay them all out together to see it they work. To add interest to your outfits add different fabric textures and patterns. Also consider layering for interest – my morning shoots start early in order to get the best light – it can be cooler. Hats, scarves and cardigans can be removed as it gets warmer.



You’ve sorted out your neutral tones and you’re all looking lovely. Now consider a pop of colour something to add extra interest to your photographs. Accessories or toys are a good way to add a splash of interest into some shots – eg a blue hat on a child with blue eyes can bring emphasis to the eyes. It’s good to think about where these photographs will hang in your home beforehand. If your daughter’s multi-coloured toy clashes with the colour palette of the space you’ve got in mind for these photographs – I’d suggest not bringing it or bringing something else.



Very bright or fluorescent colours can cause colour casts – in other words, they reflect the colour of the clothes onto your skin. For example if you wear a bright green coat, that colour could reflect green light onto your face, making you look a bit like the hulk! Please try to avoid these.

If you’ve any questions head over to my FAQs – hopefully you’ll find just what you’re looking for. 

My family photoshoots are laid-back and relaxed and a great opportunity for busy families to hang out together and do the things they love. If you are interested in booking a family photography session, or have any questions, send me a message and I’ll get right back to you.