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Meaningful moments captured during a London Baptism Photography session in Highgate, North London

Lockdown has both prevented families from being together and stopped special occassions from taking place. For a brief period, when restrictions were eased, this family grabbed the opportunity to have their daughter Baptised with their close family in attendance and I was priviledged to be their Baptism Photographer.

I hope to bring you more from this uplifting occassion soon, but for now I can share a preview.

As a photographer and former journalist I often find myself drawn to moments. It’s because within a moment I can often see a story that’s unique to the family I’m photographing.

I’ve chosen two such moments to share with you today because I love them both for very different reasons.

The photograph at the top was taken moments before Isobel was Baptised.

Mum Laura is holding Isobel and listening to her priest while over her shoulder Dad and the godparents are doing a wonderful job of keeping Isobel entertained. It’s a funny and heartwarming scene that demonstrates such affection from everyone involved.

The second image below captures a beautiful moment between Isobel and her Dad. Isobel’s way of telling her Dad that she loves him is by tapping his nose. I’m so happy that I was able to witness and capture this moment and to know that they will always have it as a permanent reminder of this time.

It was wonderful to be back photographing families again and capturing moments of joy in what has been a tough year for most.

If you are interested in booking me as your London family photographer, please get in touch. Surrey or London Baptism Photography can take place by itself or combined with a family photography session. It’s such a fabulous opportunity to incorporate your extended family and friends into your photographs.

Gorgeous moment between Dad and daughter at her Baptism